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Few Words About Us

Founded in 1974, Lime Field Carriers  has become a market leader in Southern Africa, offering a complete, competitive and integrated package of services to suit contracts of all sizes and types.
Lime Field Carriers is a full service earthworks company that specializes in:
  • Bulk Earthworks & Construction of gravel roads
  • Rehabilitation
  • Demolitions & Shaft closures
  • Discard dump extension
The company's reputation for outstanding quality, its strategic placement in relation to key markets and highly effective construction fleet, have allowed Lime Field Carriers to expand its operations beyond traditional geographic boundaries and into areas of high demand.

Experience & Safe operations is the key factors that underpins all Lime Field Carriers operations. Over 35 years of experience, hard work and best practice are behind Lime field Carriers - an efficient, innovative and above all effective company with a diversified range of skills, multiple supply sources, flexible earthmoving operations and superb well maintained equipment.
We work closely with our clients to develop technically sound and cost effective remedial strategies in a safe and cost effective manner.  A talented pool of project managers, technical specialists, financial and contracts managers, safety specialists, site supervisors and equipment operators, compliment Lime field Carriers' large equipment fleet. Our custom designed cost management ensures effective project execution in the interest of Lime Field Carriers  and our clients.


What We Do

1. Rehabilitation

- Closure of old Opencast voids

- Closing of Incline / Vertical shafts

2. Earthmoving

-Rehabilitation & Revegetation of Opencast Mine areas

- Construction of haul roads

- Construction of berms

- Stormwater management

3. Demolitions & Shaft closures  
4. Discard dump extentions


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